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Struggling with feelings of anxiety?

Difficulties in pregnancy or parenting?

Issues with eating or your physical health?


Despite having family and friends, you may think you have no one you can talk to about how you really feel.  Perhaps you have tried to in the past and were met with rejection or misunderstanding.

The phrase “Mum’s the word” means to keep quiet about something, to keep something secret and to remain silent.  Mum’s The Word Therapy was created to provide mum’s with a space for all those things you feel you can’t or shouldn’t say, a place where you can have a voice and have it heard.

Mum’s The Word Therapy invites you to use the therapy space to talk and will support you through any feelings of overwhelm, loss or uncertainty.

Sometimes talking can seem too difficult or we might feel we just don’t have the words to express what is going on for us.

Mum’s The Word Therapy also includes dramatherapy, which takes away the reliance on words.  Dramatherapy uses art, movement, story and other creative methods to explore your emotions safely.

Mum’s The Word Therapy supports mother’s just like you to make changes in ways that feel manageable for you and your life.

You will feel

less overwhelmed

improved self-esteem

increased resilience


Mums The Word Therapy has supported women both in the UK and overseas, and provides the following services:


In Person Therapy

Therapy at the Tree of Life Clinic in Fitzrovia, London. A confidential and comfortable therapy space where you can talk through and work creatively with your needs and concerns.

Online and Telephone Therapy

Online and telephone therapy from the comfort and convenience of your own home or while abroad. No travelling required, just a private space with your laptop, tablet or phone.

Clinical Supervision

In person or online supervision for therapists and counsellors, medical staff, and those in social work or education. A confidential space to explore and support your practice.



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Mum’s the word.

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Please note I do not provide emergency appointments.  If you need urgent support, please contact your GP or call the Samaritans on 116 123.