When you become or are a mother, you may notice some changes in yourself physically.

But being a mum does not only lead to physical changes but also mental and emotional ones.

Your whole identity can be challenged by your role as mum and the responsibilities this brings.

You may feel there is little or no time to concentrate on your physical well-being.

This can sometimes lead to issues around eating too much or too little

or cause previous eating disorders to resurface.


This change in identity can also lead to very real feelings that you are not ‘you’ anymore.

Sometimes you just feel very different in your own skin which was once familiar and safe.

You might have feelings of loss around who you ‘once were.’

You may have feelings of shame around weight gain,

brought about by pressure from others or yourself.


Talking through what you feel and working holistically with the mind and body

in therapy can help you to reconnect with yourself and begin

rebuilding a positive and confident relationship with your body.



I have many years of experience of supporting women who

-Want to improve their relationship with their body

-Have an eating disorder

-Feel depressed about their physicality

-Want to reconnect with their body