Mums Overseas

Mums Overseas


Having lived and worked overseas in Europe and Asia,  I know first hand

the challenges of navigating huge changes in your and your families lives.

As a mum, it often falls to you to ensure that everything is organised and everyone ok.

This means that you are often at the bottom of the priority list.



Living and working overseas can be an amazing experience;

different foods, cultures, languages, climate, landscapes, music and people

can make for stimulating and life-changing experiences.


Some of the highs of living overseas can include

seeing spectacular sights, meeting interesting people, learning a new language,

developing skills in planning and management that you never knew you had!



But some of the lows can at times feel debilitating…

If you are the ‘trailing spouse’ of a partner who has moved jobs overseas,

you might have had to have given up your own career,

or had to find new ways of working, to facilitate this move.


This can often lead to feelings of

resentment towards your partner * dissatisfaction in your new life

homesickness for family and friends * loneliness, anxiety or depression

Unforeseen circumstances can also occur such as

a loss, pregnancy or marital infidelity.


Mum’s the Word Therapy can provide a consistent, supportive and friendly space

for you to talk about your feelings and experiences.

Online and telephone services means you can access therapy from wherever you are in the world.

Read more about these services here.

Make time for yourself and let Mum’s the Word Therapy

support you in your life transition.