Being a mother. What does this mean to you?

Having children can be wonderful but it can also cause anxiety,

overwhelm and loss of self-confidence.

Mums often feel that they have to be all things to all people,

the perfect everywoman.

And what if you are unable to maintain this perfection?

This can often result in feelings of guilt or shame and lack of self-esteem.


We often bring our own childhood experiences to our parenting.

In therapy, the space can be used to make choices about what you want

to bring or leave behind on your own parenting journey.



As a parent you are often faced with issues such as


-Managing relationships with your child or partner

These relationships may have changed over time or always have felt difficult.

-The work / life balance  

A familiar conundrum for working mothers.

Feeling time-poor and a failure if you’re unable to keep all those plates spinning.

-Loss of identity  

When you just don’t feel like yourself anymore.

Comparing yourself then and now, and wondering where it all changed.

All of these areas can feed into not feeling ‘good enough’ about ourselves,

our parenting, our careers, about anything.

Feelings of hopelessness or overwhelm can start to manifest

and stop us from enjoying our experiences.



Looking more in-depth at what you’re feeling can help you to


-identify what may be causing a lack of connection

-restore positive communication

-boost your energy and self-esteem

Mums the Word Therapy can help you to explore your feelings

and issues around parenting.  

Begin to restore those feelings of being enough 

by prioritising time and space for yourself.

It all starts with you.