Perinatal Support

Your unique pregnancy journey…


Becoming pregnant can be an exciting, joyful time

but it can also be the cause of much anxiety, overwhelm or loss.

Part of my passion in providing perinatal support is opening the up the space

to talk about areas of pregnancy that people might find challenging.

We are often told what we are supposed to feel

but what do you actually feel?



Mum’s the Word Therapy provides a safe and supportive space for the following issues:


Miscarriage and Loss

Miscarriage and Loss

These are often the babies that nobody wants to talk about yet it is so important for the recovery of all involved, to give those babies the acknowledgment in death that they would have received in life. Pregnancy loss or stillbirth is a devastating, often life-changing event.  Women need support to acknowledge and grieve, and space to process their emotions.

Birth Trauma

Birth Trauma

Birth trauma relates to difficulties experienced during or after childbirth. Birth trauma can be emotional and psychological as well as physical. Your experiences may have left you feeling upset, depressed or angry.

Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety and Depression

Both can occur before, during and after a pregnancy. You might be feeling tired, isolated, overwhelmed, stressed, tearful and low. It might be hard to concentrate or you lose track of tasks. You might be feeling far from ‘good enough’ about anything.

Childhood Trauma

Childhood Trauma

Sometimes parenting difficulties can occur due to your own experiences in childhood. If you were unhappy as a child or suffered abuse, these experiences can resurface and affect the relationship you have with your child. They can also undermine your confidence as a parent.

Please take a look at the guest blog I have written on miscarriage and pregnancy after loss here.


How therapy can help…

Mum’s the Word Therapy can help to support you by

acknowledging your experience

giving you a safe space to express your emotions

supporting you to process your feelings

Working holistically with the mind, body and spirit, you will feel

increased resilience

more hopeful

better able to cope


Let Mum’s the Word Therapy support you on your journey

in whatever way you need.