Share Your Story

You’re the go-to person for anyone who needs

 help with something

 someone to listen

to get things done to a high standard.

You seem dependable, confident, and knowing.

But who do you ‘go-to?’  When you need help to manage family, career, relationships, loss or overwhelm? Who do you choose without feeling like you are burdening someone or risk being rejected or misunderstood?

After all, what you’re feeling isn’t anything special, right? Everyone feels like this! You’ll be fine.  You’re always fine.

So instead you mask your feelings.  I say ‘mask’ because that is often what you are showing the outside world.

It isn’t how you really feel.

And that is where I come in…


  • "Owning our story can be hard but not nearly as difficult as spending our lives running from it"-Brené Brown

I can give you a space every week to talk through what you are feeling.

Come and take off the mask.

Try on some different ones.

Use your creativity to help you move forward.

Improve your relationships.

Increase your confidence and resilience.

Rediscover your voice.

Be there for others but be there for yourself first.

I can be your ‘go-to’ person.

The one constant of my therapeutic career has been working with women.

Having worked in both the UK and overseas, I have encountered many differences in age, language and backgrounds

yet the strength to overcome always remains the same.

From this strength to speak out to someone about how they were feeling,

grew my own passion for providing a space for mothers to talk about anything that may be causing them distress

from pregnancy to parenthood,

from body image to work-life balance.


As a therapist I am not involved in any aspect of your personal or work life, so you can talk about all those things that you feel you can’t talk about anywhere else.

Mum’s the word.





MA, Drama and Movement Therapy (Sesame)

Diploma in Creative Approaches to Supervision

BA(HONS), Drama & Theatre Studies


My name is Giulia and I’m a dramatherapist.  I have always been fascinated by people’s stories and have been privileged to have had so many shared with me.

This is my story…

As a shy teenager lacking in confidence, joining a local drama group was a revelation.  In three years, I went from mumbling member of the chorus to confident solo performer.  I got used to moving my body and being seen.  My confidence, resilience and communication skills all improved.

This is where my belief in the performing arts as helping and healing stems from; exploring our own and others stories to make changes and gain new perspectives on our own lives.  Movement and voice are still big parts of my life.

Creativity is, as I found out, nothing to be afraid of but simply to be embraced.  In therapy and in life, it gives crucial and alternative perspectives to your problems.

I am warm and friendly, welcome humour in the therapy space, and invite you to just be however you are feeling on the day.