In-Person Therapy

Talking through what is causing you overwhelm, uncertainty or distress allows the problem to be taken out of your mind and heard by another.  Dramatherapy allows you to look at the problem through a creative lens.

Any difficulties you bring to therapy can be talked through or worked with creatively; through movement, art and image work, through role and story, sandplay or improvisation.

By looking at whatever is causing you distress in one of these ways, two things happen:

  • Firstly, the creative method acts as a ‘distancer.’  Your concern can be spoken about and worked with as an aspect of the story, image or character, which therefore makes it feel less close to home and easier to talk about.
  • Secondly, looking at difficulties creatively can offer another perspective, leading to solutions that might not have been reached from talking alone.

My approach is client-led which means you have the choice about how you wish to work with your concerns.


Online or Telephone Therapy

Access therapy from a place of your choosing by working online.  Perhaps you prefer not to travel, to work from home or are abroad.  Wherever you are, you can access a safe, confidential space for talking and using creative methods such as artwork, imagery, story, role or movement.

Sometimes it can feel difficult to see ourselves on screen and hear our own voice.  Telephone therapy offers an alternative to online work and can also be accessible from any private space of your choosing.  It is also possible to work creatively by telephone.

In both situations, your therapist will guide you in getting used to your particular medium and in applying adapted ways of working creatively.  Overseas access can be limited depending on which country you are accessing therapy from.



 Clinical Supervision

Whether it is a mandatory requirement for your field of work, or because you are unable to talk over your professional concerns with colleagues, clinical supervision offers a safe and confidential external space for discussion, guidance and exploration.

I am trained in a supervision approach which encompasses all modalities.  This means that as well as supervising therapists and counsellors, I can also work with other medical professionals and those in education, social work, community projects, the public sector and in corporations.

Having lived and worked in both the UK and overseas, I have a wealth of experience of working with a wide range of people, including diplomats, school staff, perinatal practitioners and newly qualified or trainee therapists.

I can work with individuals or groups.


I offer a free 20 minute phone consultation, where we can meet and discuss your needs.

Following on from the consultation, a full length appointment will be made at a mutually convenient time.

Please see the information below regarding fees for appointments.


Individual Therapy Consultation Session: 50 minutes, £100

Individual Therapy Appointment: 50 Minutes, £100


I am a registered practitioner with Healix International Ltd.,

Health Insurance Services


Clinical Supervision

Individual Supervision Appointment: 50 Minutes, £60

Concessions are available for trainee or newly qualified practitioners.

Group Supervision: Price dependent on your requirements,

please contact me for further information.